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Kae Sun - "Outside The Barcode"

Wine Commercial Sample

At Crooked Seas we pride ourselves in producing professional commercials at an affordable price. Whether it's a 30 second TV spot or a simple web video, our dedicated production team will work with you every step of the way. to ensure your company gets the exposure it needs.

Cheetah Beach Party

Cheetah Beach Party was our submission for the 2010 Cheetah Power Surge Commercial Contest. Three days on the beach surrounded by beautiful people and a hardworking crew made this energy packed commercial a success.

Mech Warrior Behind The Scenes...

Behind the scenes. Mech shoot. Shot on the RED one. Behind the scenes shot on a Sony HDR-SR11. This is a sneak peak of a larger project requiring heavy CGI elements. Stay tuned for more updates.

Punching Keys

A piano was harmed during the making of this video (But it wasn't playable anyway). Watch Dani play and smash the blue piano to pieces in this promo video for his new album "Punching Keys E.P." Download the album at --- http://www.everyonestalking.net .

2010 Crooked Reel

Crooked Seas Production Reel. Look for our new one shortly.