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K-Simone - "Can You Hear Me"

Crooked Seas’ President, Craig Leblanc was proud to have worked with LAC Productions to produce the video for K Simone’s debut single “Can You Hear ME” from her up coming album.  Other Crooked Seas members Armand Kajangwe and Andrei Mates were also on set as valuable members of the crew.  Thank you to everyone who made this video a success.

Be sure to follow K-Simone on Twitter @KSimone_Music

Trailer for the upcoming Zombie Survival Youtube Series YEAR

Kae Sun - "Burden of Love "

Crooked Seas Inc. is happy to announce the release of Kae Sun's latest video for the song Burden of Love off of the Outside The Barcode EP. This project wouldn't have been the success it is without the assistance of MuchFACT's PromoFACT Award Program, and without the dedication of Crooked Seas team member, Armand Kajangwe, who poured his soul into directing this video. Thank you to everyone who helped make this video a success.
Outside The Barcode is available for free download at: http://www.kaesunmusic.com

Sarah Burton - "Gravity"

Crooked Seas is proud to have worked with Director Alanna Nish on Sarah Burton's new video Gravity.

Hue - "The Bump"

Cape Breton Trailer

Crooked Seas heads out to Cape Breton Island to create a documentary about what makes this place so special. Craig Leblanc sets out on a journey back to his roots to try and discover what gives the island the magic that he's come to love. Travel with him as he navigates one of the most beautiful places on earth. If you would like to sponsor this project or for investment opportunities call 905-802-5051.

Mic Boogie Featuring School Boy "We Be On Fire"

"We Be On Fire" Mic Boogie featuring School Boy

Santa vs. Santa

Thank you so much to Shay Carl, Wheezy Waiter and Corey Vidal for starring in this video. An equally huge thank you to Intel Canada, without whom this video wouldn't be possible. This video was shot at 2K resolution (2048x1152) using a RED ONE camera. You can view this video in best quality by selecting 'Original' from the resolution menu.